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Do You Drink Extra Espresso Than Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Different Artistic Leaders?


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The 1993 guide Tastes of Paradise: A Social Historical past of Spices, Stimulants, and Intoxicants explored the oft-stated concept that the true catalyst behind the commercial revolution was caffeine — particularly the sort you get from guzzling coffee. Creator Wolfgang Schivelbusch’s premise is that when 18th-century households ditched chilly brews (sure again then it was a beverage for the entire clan, no matter age or heavy equipment utilization) for warm cups of Joe, western civilization went into hyper-productive mode.

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A billion tall, non-fat, half-caff, caramel drizzle lattes later, we took a jittery-eyed take a look at a number of highly-effective entrepreneurs’ java ingestion. How does yours match up?

Elon Musk, two cups a day

Elon Musk, two cups a day

The insanely busy Tesla and SpaceX founder drinks simply two cups per day. However Elon Musk’s mocha moderation wasn’t all the time so. The CEO has stated that his caffeine consumption included an unhealthy quantity of Diet Coke again within the day, however these days he’s canned the Weight-reduction plan Coke cans altogether.

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David Lynch, seven cups a day (when brainstorming)

David Lynch, seven cups a day (when brainstorming)

The awesomely odd auteur’s caffeinated characters who populate his fictionalized city of Twin Peaks made a “rattling good cup of espresso” cool means earlier than Starbucks turned STARBUCKS™.

Stated the celluloid scientist of his secret sauce in a previous interview, “I [used to eat] at Bob’s Massive Boy. I’d go at 2:30, after the lunch rush. I ate a chocolate shake and 4, 5, six, seven cups of espresso — with numerous sugar. And there’s numerous sugar in that chocolate shake. It’s a thick shake. In a silver goblet. I’d get a rush from all this sugar, and I’d get so many concepts! I’d write them on these napkins. It was like I had a desk with paper. All I needed to do was bear in mind to deliver my pen, however a waitress would give me one if I remembered to return it on the finish of my keep. I received a variety of concepts at Bob’s.”

Peaks Freaks can take what they are going to from the truth that Lynch wrote at a restaurant known as “Bob’s.”

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Richard Branson, 20 cups (of tea)

Richard Branson, 20 cups (of tea)

If you routinely get up at 5:30 a.m. to go kiteboarding, you want just a little one thing to get you thru the day. And in accordance with Virgin.com, Sir Richard Branson‘s “little one thing” is upwards of 20 cups of tea, white with no sugar.

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Heidi Klum, 1 morning latte

Heidi Klum, 1 morning latte

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Modeling icon and TV host Heidi Klum advised SHAPE“We busy girls want our espresso repair within the morning. My day doesn’t actually begin till I’ve had my Starbucks latte.” 

Ludwig van Beethoven, precisely 60 beans per cup

Ludwig van Beethoven, exactly 60 beans per cup

Ludwig van Beethoven could have arduous of listening to, however he was by no means arduous up when it got here to his favourite higher. The best composer of all time was as exact along with his espresso beans per cup (60) as he was along with his numerically titled symphonies (9).

To not be outdone, Ludwig’s (kinda) modern, Johann Sebastian Bach, turned a well-liked poem making enjoyable of the Vienna coffeehouse scene into one of many German genius’s lesser-known jams titled “The Espresso Cantata” in 1732. (That was, like, NWA-level rebellious again then!)

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David Letterman, tons

David Letterman, lots

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In a 1994 interview with Esquire, Letterman defined how espresso factored into his internet hosting talents: “Approach an excessive amount of espresso. But when it weren’t for the espresso, I would haven’t any identifiable character in any way. So that is what we’ve got right here.”


Theodore Roosevelt, one gallon per day

Theodore Roosevelt, one gallon per day

TR’s son as soon as stated that the twenty sixth president’s espresso cup was “extra within the nature of a tub,” and that he coupled his reported “gallon” of espresso a day with 5 lumps of sugar. We’re not saying this explains the mustachioed maniac’s skill to complete an hour-plus-long speech after getting shot by would-be murderer John Schrank in 1912, however weren’t not saying it both.

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Gertrude Stein, no less than 2 cups

Gertrude Stein, at least 2 cups

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The well-known author and patron of the humanities as soon as wrote: “Espresso provides you time to assume. It’s much more than only a drink; it’s one thing occurring. Not as in hip, however like an occasion, a spot to be, however not like a location, however like someplace inside your self. It provides you time, however not precise hours or minutes, however an opportunity to be, like be your self, and have a second cup.”

Mark Zuckerberg, zero

Mark Zuckerberg, zero

Whereas the Facebook founder has by no means confronted our hard-hitting premise straight, in 2010 he did reply to the proprietor of a extremely caffeinated gum’s provide of a pattern with the next diss: “Sorry I don’t like caffeine.” Get it? “Like”? Good one, Zuck.

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